About Tai

Tai DeSa saved up money for years while serving in the Navy and then became a full-time real estate investor.  Without a mentor who had his best interests at heart, Tai lost his life savings and went into massive debt.  Tai turned it all around and is passionate about being the trusted guide for others that he wishes he had.  Tai has been involved in hundreds of transactions as a wholesaler, flipper, landlord, and broker.





Tai served his country as a naval officer, participating in The Kosovo Campaign, The Global War on Terror, and The Iraq War.  A graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the former CEO of a large real estate brokerage, Tai possesses the leadership skills and business acumen that real estate investors and agents need.  Tai will shoot it to you straight, sharing stories of failure and of success so you can know how to reach success in real estate.

Some real estate gurus charge their students tens of thousands of dollars for training materials and coaching.  Tai believes that if you have that kind of money, you should spend it on your real estate deals.  Tai provides reasonably priced, high value content to give you the confidence to take action. Tai and his wife Amira are passionate about helping people with their real estate needs. They search daily for deals. Together they parent their twin girls, Alexis and Ashley. They love the flexibility the real estate lifestyle provides, and they want others to experience this freedom.

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